Our Team

Bill Whicker Technology Coordinator


Mr. Whicker has been in Alaska Education since 1983.   His educational career includes teaching multiple subjects, coaching sports, and serving as principal of the Fast Track program. He has been involved with alternative, correspondence and online education since 2001. Bill was also the author and grant administrator for the district's Digital Teaching Initiative grant, which provided the funds to create the Alaska Digital Academy.  His current position is the Technology Coordinator for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District.  He also serves as the Technical Director for the Alaska Digital Academy.


Kepa Wong Software Engineer


Kepa, a transplant from Hawaii, is our software developer.  After serving with the active duty military for several years, Kepa settled into the technology field getting his start with engineering and building satellite RF and microwave test equipment.  In order to increase the efficiency of the test gear, he learned how to program firmware in C/C++ language.  Since then he has written various business, medical, and now, educational software in a number of different languages (C#, Java, Javascript, etc) and frameworks (ASP.NET, Ruby, PHP, etc).  He is also well versed in relational database architecture and design.  Kepa designed and currently maintains the Alaska Digital Academy website, its database, supporting server applications, the web servers, and database servers.

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