AkDA - Biology B - 2018

2014 - SC3209 B-IC 2018
High School

This compelling  full-year course (Biology A & Biology B) engages students in the study of life and living organisms and examines biology and biochemistry in the real world. It encompasses traditional concepts in biology and encourages exploration of new discoveries in this field of science. The components include biochemistry, cell biology, cell processes, heredity and reproduction, the evolution of life, taxonomy, human body systems, and ecology.

Rolling Enrollment Schedule

The following are associated with this course.  Students and On-Site Supervisors should download and familiarize themselves with these documents.

Biology 2014 - SC3209 BRIEFING.pdf

Biology 2014 - SC3209 IC SYLLABUS.docx

Biology 2014 - SC3209 IC SCOPE.pdf

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