AkDA - Digital Photography 1

Career and Technical Ed. (CTE)
High School

This course introduces students to digital photography and it significance in a wide variety of occupations.  Students will study the concepts of composition and learn about pixels, file formats, resolution, quality, and compression techniques.  Students will learn to shoot high quality photographs using both the automatic and manual controls of a digital camera.  Digital photo editing software will be utilized for students to learn how to perform basic editing to enhance photos.  Techniques for effectively using natural light will be emphasized.  All students will create a portfolio of their best work.

 At the end of the course students will:

  • Understand the history and development of modern photography.
  • Identify career opportunities for digital photographers and required courses and training to prepare for those careers.
  • Understand the differences between film and digital photography.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of good composition, including exposure, cropping and varying camera position and angles.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key digital photo concepts, including pixels, resolution, file formats, and compression.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to shoot high quality photographs using both the manual and automatic controls of a digital camera.
  • Demonstrate how to download, organize, and backup photos in electronic media.
  • Understand and demonstrate how to use photo editing software program to adjust size, levels, hue, saturation, contrast, and sharpness.
  • Prepare and save photos for printing or exporting as image files, e-mail attachments, or web site graphics.
  • Create an attractive, well-organized portfolio of their best work.
  • Critique own photos and photos in general.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of legal and ethical responsibilities and copyright laws.
  • Develop time management skills and efficient work habits.

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