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A one-semester course designed to meet graduating standards for high school students, Alaska History introduces students to the rich history of the 49th state. The course will help students: understand the geography of Alaska including major climate areas, waterways, transportation, and areas of recreation. They will also gain an understanding of the vast Native culture from Southeast through the Arctic, study the process Alaska went through to become a state and how the federal government settled Alaska Native land claims. Finally, students will utilize technology throughout the course to be able to make educated opinions on modern Alaskan topics through research and study.  This course is offered through the Canvas Management System. 

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Course Objectives:

  • Students will understand the geography of Alaska, including the locations of major Alaskan villages/cities, routes of transportation, areas of recreation, and major bodies of water.
  • Students will understand the vast and unique aspects of Alaska Native culture and people, from Southeast through the Arctic.
  • Students will comprehend not only the process Alaska went through to become a state but also how the federal government went about to settle Alaska Native land claims.
  • Students will be able to make determined opinions on modern Alaskan topics through research and study.
  • Students will utilize technology throughout the entire journey, not only as a platform for research and discussion but also travel and adventure.
  • Course Topics with Essential Questions:

    1)    Geography: Flora/Fauna of the Great Land

    • What are the different ecosystems in Alaska, what defines them, and where are they located?
    • What are the major differences between living in Southeast Alaska and the Interior?
    • What are the major salmon species in Alaska, how can I tell the difference between them, and       what threats do the salmon faces throughout Alaska?

    2)  Alaska Native Groups Pre-Contact

    • How many specific Alaska Native groups are there, where are their traditional boundaries, and what cultural identifiers were specific to each group?
    • What were some hunter-gatherer methods used by each Alaska Native group?
    • How did each Native group use the land to their advantage?

    3)  The Early Russian Years

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