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Welcome to the wonderful world of driver's education. Although this class is primarily designed for those seeking to obtain a driver's permit or license, it is also a great course for those that already have their license and are preparing for driving down in the Lower 48. Your goal is to become a safer, more reliable driver from the information you'll uncover here in this course.

The first step is understanding how to take an online course in the first place. The course is divided up into modules, similar to chapters. These modules are created based on certain subjects found within driving, from hazardous road conditions to understanding the various shapes and sizes of signs. Your goal is to correct locate and process the information through worksheets, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and other assessments.

Good luck, and make sure to contact me with any questions or comments: mark.woodward@k21schools.org 

(text: 907-617-8246)

Mark Woodward, Teacher

Rolling Enrollment Schedule
  • How to take this online class
  • Taking driver's education
  1. Section 1 - Introduction to Driving
  2. Section 2 - Traffic Signals/Lights and Road Markings
  3. Section 3 - Turning
  4. Section 4 - Passing in a safe Manner
  5. Section 5 - Meeting #1 with Instructor
  6. Section 6 - Speed Limits
  7. Section 7 - Parking
  8. Section 8 - Driving in Traffic
  9. Section 9 - Safety on the Road
  10. Section 10 - Meeting #2 with Instructor
  11. Section 11 - Road Emergencies and hot to handle them
  12. Section 12 - Under the Influence and Driving
  13. Section 13 - Traffic Tickets
  14. Section 14 - Final Book Test
  15. Section 15 - Meeting #3 with Instructor
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