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Our mission is to provide Ketchikan students with greater access to a diverse assortment of courses that may not otherwise be available due to access, availability, time, or distance. Alaska Digital Academy's rigorous courses are designed to meet the Alaska State Achievement Standards and are taught by highly qualified Alaska teachers.

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The following calendar dates will be observed for the 2021-2022 school year. 

First Semester:

•  September 1, 2021 - First day of courses (1st Semester).
•  November 19, 2021 (4pm) - Last day to enroll in online courses for 1st semester.
•  January 14, 2021 -1st Semester courses end.

Second Semester:

•  January 17, 2022 - First day of courses
•  March 2, 2022 (4pm) - Last day to enroll in online courses for 2nd semester.
•  June 1, 2022 - 2nd Semester courses end.

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AkDA - Alaska Studies6c151ed2-0e78-4061-bc32-a6a2b1e7390d200-F17CanvasStandardHigh SchoolSocial StudiesYes
AkDA - Algebra 1A2102a324-f777-458a-bfd3-dba0510b9c2e2014 - MA3109 A-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Algebra 1B96e36d9b-06ba-46a3-a963-3fd3b37b3b5e2014 - MA3109 B-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Algebra 2A0ad6bf58-4255-47d9-b40a-08a06fcd99092014 - MA3111 A-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Algebra 2B59576cd8-7fda-4942-b328-1f155c9b97d02014 - MA3111 B-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Biology A - 2018fcea1dad-80d5-4571-a721-c604df4e88962014 - SC3209 A-IC 2018EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Biology B - 2018a7faae05-3e3a-4e9c-846d-8178649d8b412014 - SC3209 B-IC 2018EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Business Computer Information Systems06f57f8e-5bbe-429e-9af2-ad147465734eCTE 83977904EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolCareer and Technical Ed. (CTE)No
AkDA - Business Law4562dae0-6aa6-4eaa-8f63-6a4357cc5f9cCTE 83975707EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolCareer and Technical Ed. (CTE)No
AkDA - Career Managementd3d7c5f3-f8c5-41e4-ab43-07338d2405edCTE 83976558EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolCareer and Technical Ed. (CTE)No
AkDA - Career Planning and Development8d4e4832-5d54-4e21-8215-b83afbfd78d0EL4222EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolCareer and Technical Ed. (CTE)No
AkDA - Careers in Allied Healthdbff4be2-4a54-4428-8900-c48c391245d4CTE 83976741EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolCareer and Technical Ed. (CTE)No
AkDA - Chemistry A - 20183f935792-8de4-4d8a-9232-c8bdcdd6c6db2014 - SC3210 A-IC 2018EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Chemistry B - 20183680415e-0859-4521-8386-b9687987d9412014 - SC3210 B-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Concepts in Probability and Statistics Aa0fe2d60-16bd-4453-a12b-64bc8f93fa84MA3120 AEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Concepts in Probability and Statistics B7fba13d5-e568-499c-8f6a-ab14162dd92aMA3120 BEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Earth Science A - 2019e5fd3ef5-09ef-4e37-9c86-327ca7e9a1a7SC3207 AEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Earth Science B - 2019161cf103-fc96-4b9f-b2b0-25d6ca135801SC3207 BEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Economics Ac92ddd83-5e6b-47fb-b195-c0bd19f0fa16SS3314 A-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolSocial StudiesYes
AkDA - Economics B7fcc470c-07e7-4f62-a867-a5bc47304aefSS3314 B-ICEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolSocial StudiesYes
AkDA - Environmental Science A - 2018aa662423-7f95-4166-9c16-a0aa3781263aSC2028A 2018EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Environmental Science B - 20185f92f8ac-af8d-40ba-bf00-1c0efc2c2bdeSC2028B 2018EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolScienceYes
AkDA - Financial Math A83932547-d63b-4aba-be68-1a3e51c22cb1MA2007 AEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Financial Math Bb1d76812-623d-4861-ba5f-e1117f8479fbMA2007 BEdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolMathYes
AkDA - Fire and Emergency Services3f0ede52-1ddc-458e-a4dc-5d3fc2189373CTE 83978186EdgenuityStandardHigh SchoolCareer and Technical Ed. (CTE)No
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