AkDA - Financial Math B

MA2007 B
High School

The second semester of a two-semester course designed for high school students, this course focuses on the applications of mathematics in both personal and business settings. This course contains 15 major topics encompassing many aspects of financial math: personal financial planning, income, budgeting and wise spending, banking, paying taxes, the importance of insurance, long-term investing, buying a house, consumer loans, consumer credit, consumer debt, economic principles, traveling abroad, starting a business, and analyzing business data. Students apply various math skills such as percents, proportions, probability, data analysis, linear systems, exponential functions and formulas to real life situations. A unique feature of this course is that each lesson is centered on the mathematical skills used in the world of personal finance. In the Making Connections sections, engaging project based learning activities provides students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Students participate in interactive activities and use inquiry to explore scenarios that are relevant to their lives.

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