AkDA - Concepts in Probability and Statistics B

MA3120 B
High School

This high-school course provides an alternative math credit for students who may not wish to pursue more advanced mathematics courses such as Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. It begins with an in-depth study of probability, with a focus on conceptual understanding. Students then move into an exploration of sampling and comparing populations. The first semester closes with units on data distributions and data analysis—including how to summarize data sets with a variety of statistics. In the second half of the course, students create and analyze scatterplots and begin a basic study of regression. Then they study two-way tables and normal distributions, learning about powerful applications such as hypothesis testing. Finally, students return to probability at a more advanced level, focusing on topics such as conditional probability, combinations and permutations, and sets.

The initial credit of the course includes four performance tasks, which must be graded by a teacher


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