AkDA - Computer Science 1

Career and Technical Ed. (CTE)
High School

In this two-part, one-semester computer science course, students will learn the basics of programming through hands‐on projects that encourage creativity and experimentation. Students will apply key computer science concepts to programs created in and run by Python, a programming language with simple syntax and flexible, robust performance. Python runs on most operating systems and is used professionally to write web applications, desktop applications, and many other types of software programs. Students will learn about the real‐world experiences of computer science professionals through personal questionnaires. By the end of this course, students will have the conceptual background and many of the fundamental skills needed to get started as a programmer in Python or in any programming language. Project‐based learning walks students through writing code, and course assignments build on what they learn. Part 1 • Course Orientation and Course Overview • Starting with Python • Graphical Hello World • Variables • Loops • A Drawing Program • Software Development • Strings and Lists Part 2 • Course Overview • List Manipulation • Interactive Drawing Program • Loops and Nesting • String Formatting • Program a Menu • Text Adventure Game • Dice Game

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